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Our History

Poverty can and does exits in Benzie County. It does not discriminate among gender, age, or geographical locations and it is a rapidly growing concern.

Although the signs aren’t as visible in an area as beautiful as Benzie County, evidence strongly suggest that hunger, homelessness, isolation, lack of adequate health care and a growing population of working poor families is a concern that must be addressed in our community.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Benzie County Community Chest is a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We work to raise dollars that support and strengthen programs that assist disadvantaged families in our community. We provide fundraising resources to other non-profit groups, and act as a referral agency for families in need.

Our service to Benzie County began in 1966. Our mission continues to be to improve quality of life through active support and service that helps establish, ensure and strengthen programs that promote the health and wellness of Benzie County and its residents.

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Working Together

Our 2022-23 Goal

To raise $100,000 to distribute to partner agencies to provide:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Crisis Services
  • Abuse Prevention
  • Senior Services
  • Life Skill Building
  • Education

If you have donated to Benzie County Community Chest before, we would like to thank you for touching the lives of thousands of Benzie County residents. You helped provide essential services such as food, shelter, medical and financial assistance.

You made a difference in the lives of a great many people. If you are new to Benzie County Community Chest, please consider donating. We carefully consider the needs of human service organizations and grant funds appropriately.

Community Chest

Board Of Directors

Nancy Coalter


Bill Dundon

Vice President

Brooke Trentham Popp


Steve Stephens

Board Director

Thor Goff

Board Director

Jon Ottinger

Board Director

Jim Gribble

Executive Director